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Turn Off and Delinquent Policies



1.   All delinquent accounts are to be paid by the last day of every month.

2.   There will be no extensions of time granted after the past due date. No exceptions. This bill is due by the last day of the month, so everyone needs to see that it is paid by that time. The calls and requested extensions of time have created too much confusion on everyone’s part. So from now on – no calls, no extensions.

3.   All shut offs will be scheduled for the first business day of every month.

4.   If your water is shut off you will be charged a $45 reconnection fee. If the customer is at home at the time the serviceman is there to shut the account off and pays at that time, the charge for the call is only $22.50.

5.   If your water does get shut off, unless the past due bill plus the $45 reconnection fee is paid in full before 3:00 p.m., it will not be turned on until the next day.

6.   If you do not currently have a deposit on your account and your water is subject to disconnection, a deposit of at least $75 will be collected on your account.

7.   So in the case of a future shut off, you could possibly have to pay the past due bill, plus a reconnection fee of $45 and a $75 deposit.

8.   Delinquent notices are sent out around the 16th of every month. Any past due amount needs to be paid by the last day of the month. New water bills are sent out around the 18th of every month. The due date on these bills is the 10th of the next month. However, this does not mean that if there is a past due balance on this new bill that it is not due until the 10th; any past due balances are due and payable by the last day of the month.

9.   Also, please note on the back of your bill: Failure to receive a bill does not excuse payment.











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